Tearing down social constructs helps you get to the core of who you really are.

Then you can begin to love on yourself in a way you’ve never have before.

It’s a beautiful thing when you begin to realize your power.

And march to the beat of your own drum.
I remember the day I decided I would march to the beat of my own drum. I was determined to be my own woman and I made the biggest decision for me alone that would shape my future.

I left law school and a full scholarship behind. But it wasn’t that simple here’s why: I worked really hard to get into law school. I made sure my undergraduate grades were high and graduated with honors to get into a good school. I studied hard for the LSAT and built strong connections with my professors so when the time came I would have quality recommendations to back up my admission. I even did a prep program at northwesterners prestigious law school to expose me to what to expect in the days ahead of me as a law student.

In short I crossed my eyes and dotted my t’s. I did everything right . But I didn’t do the one thing no one had ever truly taught me and that was to follow my heart not what the world deemed as good for me.

I realized it was time to break up with this idea of who I would be as a lawyer and embrace what my heart was really telling me.

And one day it hit me. I was sitting in the back of my torts class googling bible scriptures and doodling in class. This is what I would be doing with my future? Why wasn’t I connected? Then my mind traced back to the first seed that was planted about law school. It was my high school counselor. She said “Sarah you’re  analytical you’re a great speaker and writer you should be a lawyer.”

While her intentions were good and those were true statements of my character I never stopped to take the time to ask myself was heart truly connected to this path? Would it move me? At some point I realized I was carrying the expectation of my mother. She was so excited her daughter would be a lawyer and had a full scholarship and she was rightfully so.

It’s not every day that a black girl from the south dude of chicago gets to live this dream. But it wasn’t my dream. Confronting this was not easy and ultimately choosing the unmarked path to entrepreneurship was not as well. But in the end it was where my heart called me. I was shaping my story and I felt proud to take control. Marching to the best of your own drum can mean long nights, making mistakes, scrapping projects or businesses and starting over. For me it’s meant all of this and more. But again it’s my drum and dream and I can truly call it my own.

Be open to the path that’s in your heart,

Sarah Elizabeth


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