Women-it’s time to tear down social constructs 

Life has a funny way of telling us that we need to be a certain way in order to be accepted.

Messages  like this have been repeatedly told through media 

Messages like success looks a certain way or  beauty looks a certain way. 

How many times have you done it-compare yourself to the woman on tv? She has the perfect body works out 6 times a week and never had any kids. As a matter of fact she is a model for a living. She gets paid to keep her body in that type of shape and to be the image of beauty. Now this is not to knock the woman on the tv she’s work hard for what she has and some of it may have been inherited good genes good looks. But the point is is it fair to compare yourself to her and define that as the standard for your beauty?


I’m a true believer that beauty really does come from deep within us. It’s a woman’s essence that makes her remarkably beautiful. Think about that woman you know who is not a size 6 and doesn’t have legs like a model but her intelligence, smile, humor, wit and comforting words make her the most beautiful person in the world to you.

The same applies to you. Your friends love you because you’re uplifting, you have the pick me up portion for the worst days, you strive for excellence in life and when you get knocked down you keep going. Think about all the things that make you the wonderful woman you are and I’m sure you have things you can appreciate about your looks as well. 

It’s time to define your idea of beauty and your idea of success and never measure yourself by anything outside of you. It’s just not fair to the creator or creation you’ve become.

Be accepting of you,

Sarah Elizabeth 

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