To determine your specific needs here are some questions to ponder

What makes me feel most alive?

What makes me feel spiritually, mentally and physically balanced?

What’s one thing I can start doing today to put myself first?

What’s a morning routine I can start even if small that makes me my number one priority before my day begins?

Every woman is different but what’s universal to us all for sure is that we all have needs. As human beings we cannot be our happiest healthiest selves if those needs are not met.

I struggled for a while to figure out what my needs were. I was too busy stuck in patterns that taught me being a good mom was putting my needs first until I hit rock bottom with burn out and realized that belief actually made no sense. How would I be a good mom to my daughter by wearing myself out? If I give her everything she needs and go the extra mile to make sure she’s living a happy life would she really be happy if her mom was no good?

Confronting these thoughts led me to realize I was simply immolating what the women before had taught me. I was trying to live in my mothers shoes instead of defining what motherhood looked like to me. I took care of my daughter at the expense of my needs because I knew no other way until living that way was no longer an option. I burned out.

Burn out taught me that I mattered too and that self care was in fact the other way I could be the best mother. Taking care of myself was setting her up to learn how to take care of herself and what greater gift could a mom give her daughter.

Be good to you,

Sarah Elizabeth

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