We were programmed this way. 

Every ad you see, commercial, everything the women before you displayed led you to believe it’s your duty to take care of everyone.

While its a beautiful thing to love others and show up for them.

You will not be able to be there for them if you don’t make yourself the number one priority.

Have you ever felt like you running on auto pilot. Unsure of where your thoughts and believes derive from. Stop for a moment and ask yourself how did you get the idea of what a woman is supposed to be like? Have you crafted  out your own story for the type of woman you are and the woman you want to become or has your story been pre-determined by what family, society and media embedded in you?

We have all fall prey to being conditioned meaning we’ve all allowed our thoughts and believes to be shaped by the rules system structures, societies and people before us.  However, there is a difference between a woman who’s chose to live a life that she’s  taking part in intentionally designing and a woman who just believes everything that she’s ever been told about who she is-the  good, bad and ugly.

When do you get to that place in your self-discovery process when you decide that you get to ask yourself the hard questions about who you really are what you really believe and where you really want to go with your life?

I was around 25 when I had this awakening. I had to really ask myself what stories  had the world been telling me about the woman I was deciding to become. I realized that my voice was a lot stronger than what I was choosing to share because the world told me that it was my place as a woman to be more passive. It took me some time to untangle from the story and I have unraveled bit by bit what I was programmed to believe.

With faith, awareness and being diligent I am much more aware today if I’m slipping back into that dark pattern of people pleasing. Thinking  this way allowed me to decide I don’t want to run on autopilot.  I want to make the choice of what my destiny will be but more importantly the woman I’m deciding to be today.

If you haven’t had this opportunity, stop today and ask yourself what do you believe about who you are and the woman that you are becoming? If you don’t like your answer; you’re always free to choose.

Be Free,

Sarah Elizabeth

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