When I began to love myself I walked differently- I had more of a sophisticated stride to my step. My posture changed it exuded confidence even my vocabulary changed. I decided I wasn’t going to play it small. More importantly the way I spoke to myself became gentle, forgiving, kind. I became my own best friend.

One of the greatest lessons life presented me was the opportunity to become my own best friend. A good friend of mine one day suggested to do so and my life has never been the same. I came to her for advice and she said what would you tell your best friend? Then it all clicked. The reality is we are kind to our best friends and our own biggest critics. We would never criticize, shame or be unforgiving to our best friends. We love them to death so why not extend that same grace to ourselves?

After I  had this conversation I decided from that day on I would treat myself the way I would a best friend. I gave myself encouragement when needed, I gave myself frequent pep talks, I celebrated the small victories in my life, and I took myself wherever I wanted to go. I did all of this happy and alone but never lonely. The more time I spent with myself the easier it became to really be there for me.

See the one person you will spend the most time with on this earth is you. Therefore its in all of our best interest to become comfortable with being in solitude, taking ourselves on dates and just providing the emotional support that we would to a best friend. Give yourself credit, celebrate your wins, tell yourself how gorgeous you are, see the cup half full, laugh at the silly things life brings and have alot of fun exploring while you do it. Count your blessings ad enjoy your company. Your life is grand gorgeous be your own best friend.

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