When you are living in a self-loathing mindset; you’re living in darkness. But when you begin to love yourself you step into light. The world no longer looks the same to you, relationships that weren’t good for your well- being fall off, situations don’t affect you as much and your perception of yourself evolves.  Ultimately, you step into your power and realize you always were and will always be- enough.

We have all at some point battled with a negative thought or two. But there is a difference between those of us who hear them and those who stay in this state of feeling bad about ourselves and that’s self loathing. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard this type of negative self talk. “I’m not good enough and I’ll never be, things wont change in my life, I’m a disappointment and doomed.”

Staying stuck in these thoughts and practicing them over and over again leads to low self-esteem and depression. The same way you talked yourself into a shame spiral you have to talk yourself out of one. The bottom line is we really are the sum of our thoughts and the quality of our lives depends upon what we think about each day.

This is actually good news because it means you hold the power to alter your story and life. That in itself  is a powerful thing. Your story isn’t shaped by what others think of you but ultimately by what you are feeding yourself about yourself each day.  I knew I had to take hold of my life when I had so many negative projections around me telling me that being a single mom was something to be ashamed of. I decided to take the reins and define what single parenting would look like for me. I chose to be happy and create positive memories with my daughter and show the world and myself that my dreams would be actualized as a single mom. No one would stand in my way and that’s exactly what happened. I graduated Summa Cum Laude  in my masters program raising my daughter alone while starting two businesses. We traveled to Cancun and stayed at a family resort when she was two. I even paid for my mom to come.  Remember, it started with the choice to say positive things to myself. Find one positive thing you can say to yourself today to dig yourself out the self loathing cycle. Because queen, self loathing has never served you and the power to change your life lies in you right here right now, today.

Be kind to you,

Sarah Elizabeth

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