Six years ago I woke up from a dream. It was the most vivid experience I’ve ever imagined. I saw women of all nationalities and backgrounds standing in agreement. They were holding hands providing comfort -confirming they were not alone in the experiences they endured and overcame. I saw them celebrating……..laughing. But most of all I saw strength in their eyes. I remember waking  up from the dream and sending a message to my mentor. I was so excited to tell her not only about the dream but the divine direction I received.  The direction was plain and clear.

I was told to start a platform to help women with their self- love journey . What we experience along this journey is the type of information most of us would only reveal in solitude, while writing in our personal diary. See my belief is when you open up and decide to be transparent you heal yourself, free yourself and you liberate others in the process.

Life has a way of bringing  our experiences full circle and creating the ideal moment for our visions to come alive. With that being said, it’s with excitement and vigor I  announce the launch of Sarah Elizabeth Diaries. Come as you are, share as you are and find hope and inspiration in these stories of sisterhood. But before I go I must ask- what are you dreaming for today? Don’t wait another second to release your vision in the atmosphere. Take action and make it a reality. Because the truth is there’s a world full of people waiting on you to show up just as you  are-imperfect and powerful. They need you and you need not leave them waiting a second longer.

Be free,

Sarah Elizabeth

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