Defining Beauty On Your Own Terms graphic

Defining Beauty On Your Own Terms

Women-it’s time to tear down social constructs  Life has a funny way of telling us that we need to be a certain way in order to be accepted. Messages  like this have been repeatedly told through media  Messages like success looks a certain way or  beauty looks a certain way.  How many times have you […]

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Prioritizing Yourself

To determine your specific needs here are some questions to ponder What makes me feel most alive? What makes me feel spiritually, mentally and physically balanced? What’s one thing I can start doing today to put myself first? What’s a morning routine I can start even if small that makes me my number one priority […]

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Discover Your Needs

We’ve heard it a million times fill yourself up first, then you can pour from your cup.  Put on your oxygen mask first then you assist the person next to you.  But the only way to truly learn to put yourself first is to discover your needs. I remember back in 2012 being in the […]

Love yourself. Let The Magic Begin! graphic

Love yourself. Let The Magic Begin!

When you love yourself something magical happens! It’s like a whole new world opens up for you with brand new eyes, colorful experiences and a total enthusiasm to live.  Before you come  into this awakening it’s almost as if you’re walking through life with a veil over your eyes. Then one day you decide to […]

Self-Care Sacred Time for Mama graphic

Self-Care Sacred Time for Mama

After being a single mama for 6 years I FINALLY took a break… I’ve taken breaks before but those were different… See they still involved me working-being seperated from my daughter to work on my masters degree etc. This is a new new me. I checked into a hotel this weekend -no work, no duties […]