To all the beautiful souls who found this site I give you the warmest welcome to Sarah Elizabeth Diaries. I am Sarah Elizabeth and some call me Sarah E. I’m a professional counselor,creative writer and entrepreneur but like all of you a woman whose lived through many experiences- most captured in my personal diary. This site takes the lid off those experiences as I give personal account of some of my greatest life lessons and journey. Some parts of my story are amazing and others challenging but all leading to the path of who I was destined to become. This blog spans beyond my worldview by incorporating the experiences of several woman from all walks of life so no matter where you are in the world feel free to share.  I hope as you read you see a bit of yourself in the stories here. I hope you walk away inspired to be transparent, take risks and live in the truth who you are. Because the truth is-You’re a Powerful Woman…..Divinely Created…..and Eternally Beautiful

Be You,

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