We’ve heard so many beliefs about women that we don’t need to accept.

It’s ok to people please, women should be softer, if you’re firm in your beliefs thats too aggressive, the list goes on.

We all need to challenge these beliefs and ask whether  they truly serve us in loving ourselves just the way we are.

Make the decision today that how you were made is enough. 

Playing yourself small to make other people feel comfortable. This is something so many women struggle with. I know I have. There has been so many times I’ve told people want they wanted to hear or dimmed my light to fit in. I went through this a lot in college and in the workplace. You can sense the jealousy and it makes you uncomfortable so it’s just easier to not share that accomplishment or the good that’s happening in your life. Yeah right.

I had to wake up and accept that I am light because the creator lives within me. By dimming my light that never allowed me to truly show up as who I am and why would I want to be in the company of others that want a more watered down version of me just so they can feel better?

We are not responsible for the insecurities in those around us and if seeing you walk fully in your purpose makes them feel small then they are looking at it all wrong. They have the capability just like you to be all they were created to be. The point is if you choose to shrink you choose to help them stay in darkness for you both were created to be and do so much but we all must be liberated from fear to soar.

If I had a magic power it would be to lift this weight from every woman who possesses it. You are responsible for you and you only. Live your best life with your light on full blast. Who will join you will be meant for your path and those who don’t well send them on their way with light and love.

Be the light,

Sarah Elizabeth 

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