We’ve heard it a million times fill yourself up first, then you can pour from your cup. 

Put on your oxygen mask first then you assist the person next to you. 

But the only way to truly learn to put yourself first is to discover your needs.

I remember back in 2012 being in the middle of a crisis. I was in tears struggling to find the words to express the heaviness I felt. I reached out to a life coach and was determined to hire her to help me get back on track emotionally. 

At a lost for words she asked me what do I need? I hesitated as a I sobbed over my tears. I couldn’t really think straight but the truth was she was the second person who asked me that question in one day. I spoke to my mentor earlier and even then I had nothing to offer in response. The life coach replied- you don’t know what you need do you? You don’t know who you are? 

I paused for a minute as my tears ran down the phone. I sobbed-realization hit me. She was right. I didn’t know what I needed because I didn’t know who I was.

Over the years by intentionally immersing myself in self discovery I came to realize the things that I have to have apart of my life everyday. These practices make me feel more alive, more balanced, more happy and essentially centered- they allow me to fully be just me.

One of those practices is journaling. Nothing is more freeing for my emotions than to let my baggage roll off the paper as I release the frustrations from the day. I had no idea how much I had pinned up inside until I started intentionally doing a brain dump each day in my journal.

Journaling may not be the thing for you. But I would encourage you to find your one thing. It doesn’t have to be big or grandeur it just needs to give you that feeling of goodness that fulfills your needs. As you walk in this direction you’ll discover more and more of what you need and what makes you feel good. Just have at it each day.

Be open to discovery,

Sarah Elizabeth

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