When you love yourself something magical happens! It’s like a whole new world opens up for you with brand new eyes, colorful experiences and a total enthusiasm to live.  Before you come  into this awakening it’s almost as if you’re walking through life with a veil over your eyes. Then one day you decide to remove it. 

Self-love really is about getting to know who you are and embracing all that makes you the person you’ve become. Its about knowing you have flaws but not expecting yourself to be perfect in order to really love who you are. Its about being accepting, gentle and forgiving of yourself when you make mistakes.

Do you feel like your living life to the fullest? Giving yourself the deepest love you could ever imagine? Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we can rise up or enter this awareness.  For me it was my experience with burn out that taught me life was truly short and I needed to love myself better. So I vowed to do just that. One day at a time, acknowledging my needs and putting them first. No longer allowing them to get muddled in the demands of each day. I mattered but most importantly I mattered to me first.

The funny thing is we are always confronted with choice.  The choice to light the candle that soothes our soul or watch a tv show that’s unhealthy for us. Sometimes its the choice between taking a relaxing bath with much needed pampering time or to work on that work project all through the night. We are free to choose always. Do yourself a favor today and finally choose you. Remove the veil and let the magic begin!

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