After being a single mama for 6 years I FINALLY took a break…

I’ve taken breaks before but those were different…

See they still involved me working-being seperated from my daughter to work on my masters degree etc.

This is a new new me. I checked into a hotel this weekend -no work, no duties and just retreated away into myself.

No responsibilities, just some books, Netflix and massage scheduled for later this evening.

And here’s what I discovered…

I haven’t seen this kinda smile on my face in a loooong time.

Women- we LOVE our kids and we love our work but we have to make time for ourselves as individuals-no titles, no duties just YOU.

And guess what???

You’ll come back much stronger and much better to everyone and every assignment because of it. Not to mention with a big smile on your face!

Do you #selfcare #selfcaresunday

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